Milestone 3 - Understand what you can automate


¿Podría probar la solución sugerida en el siguiente hilo:
Could you please try the solution suggested in below thread:

Otra solución alternativa podría ser crear un nuevo proyecto.
Another workaround could be to create a new project from start.

Avísame si te ayuda.
Let me know if it helps.


@sarah.merk I have the same challenge, have you been able to resolve this as yet?

Great so far so good, catching up the course.

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It is a good exercise to understand the dynamics of how it should be automated. The robot logic is more detailed than the logic we generally use when painting a flow.

I definitely feel like I have a good understanding to start off with this as well as the Unicorn exercise too! looking forward to furthering this!

Completed the new supplier automation task. I am slow but trying to catch

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Yeah! I’ve done milestone 3 on end of week 3.
I’ll reach yours soon.

Done with my second automation of adding new supplier address. I was lost on adding the 2nd and 3rd names to the list but Thanks @Nidhi_Chaturvedi for the tutorial.

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Thanks, @Kumar.2021
Glad that tutorial helped you :slight_smile:

Happy learning.


Please check in the properties section if you have the following value passed: Use Application resource → Options → Close = Always. Remove Always to see that the values have been added.

I am getting an error when trying to select the drop down using Target + Anchor. It says that the selection is not possible for the SelectItem Action. Are others getting a similar error?