Milestone 2 - Find out what RPA is

Excelente comentario, quiero agregar a este comentario, antes de usar la actividad enviar correo use la accion (utilizar la aplicacion de outlook de escritorio para loguearme), funciono perfectamente, y para agregar el nombre de unicornio que estaba guardado en el excel, simplemente en la accion de enviar correo en la parte de cuerpo me fui a la opccion editar y añadi el valor.

I created, tested, and it worked! However, it went to three other people in my team, and I didn’t input a distribution list, weird (even weirder, it only sent to 3 our of 4 team members). It didn’t allow me to create an HTML email, only Text. Overall, a success and I can see many uses for emailing things. Yay.

Hi Chloe, Have you tried downloading the sample completed project for the outlook exercise? That helped me see where I was missing it in mine. Let me know if you need any more clarifications. Thanks

I wont say very smart but another way to add the signature name (which is your Unicorn Name) in email is you can use the WEB BROWSER itself and then can use the “Text for later user” while sending.


In the Body of the email field you will see from the image that I am attempting to Indicate in Excel. However, it is not opening the Excel document that I have associated to the project? It is opening another Excel document. Any idea why this would be the case?
Thanks, Karen

Hi @keastwoodlovett

If it is opening another Excel file it could only mean that your Send Email activity is situated within the Use Excel File resource that is bound to the Excel file that you say is opening.

Can you check and revert? Or better still, share a screenshot of the “Use Excel File” card

Finally grasped the ‘nesting’ concept so figured it out.

Thanks, Karen

Studio x is so basic and beginner level. I’m trying to complete this course with studio pro. I am studying uipath for past 2 months. Happy learning :blush:

Good to know that you find StudioX to be as basic as it should be for beginners (community developers), it means its purpose is being met. Cheers and Happy Automation!

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Hello: I managed to get the first Unicorn name exercise to work, but with the second exercise of creating an email with the unicorn name signature, it created the email (yay) but didn’t add the unicorn name in the signature (boo). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello @cheryl.cantafio ,

Please check this thread.
Getting unicorn name to be the email signature - #2 by Craig_Bannerman.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


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The result of my exercise was not successful because my account does not have the single sign on with uipath activated and it requests my authorization to be able to connect, but I think it is more a restriction of my company.


I would use it to add extra information to the notification email such as the date range of the data included in the updated report or dashboard.

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Hi, everything went fine, don’t forget to uncheck the “Save as Draft” option in the Send Email part.
Am I the only one going through this course on this month?