Microsoft OCR Error: Error performing OCR: MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine in windows 8 server

Hey Guys,

i am getting the below error, i have deployed my code in server, everything is working fine in my local machine but in server microsoft ocr is not workning.

I have tried all forum suggestions.

OS Details: windows-8
windows server 2012 R2

@harsha1123 - Please check if you have MODI installed ( ), as it is required to use Microsoft OCR.

This post might help.

@sreenivasm yes i have installed everything suggested in forum till now.

any micro soft related things need to be installed please let me know.

And thanks quick support.

@harsha1123 - After you installed, did you try again? Are you still facing the same issue as before?

Yes @sreenivasm

I’m also getting the same error
Microsoft OCR: Error performing OCR: Unable to initialize Microsoft engine MicrosoftErrorCreateEngine

I am also faced this. Also installed MODI. But problem still here. What should I do further?

I too have just now recently started to encounter this same issue and error message…