Microsoft 365 and Office 2019


I have installed the latest version of MS office in Windows 365. However when I run the Excel application scope, it gives the following error “Excel Application Scope: Could not open the specified workbook. Make sure there is no other workbook with the same name already opened.” . I have already checked and there is no workbook with the same name. Please let me know what to do. I have tried Manage packages and installed stable version. I dont want to use Excel workbook since i need the Excel application Scope up and running. Please help me in solving the error.


Hi @Purnima_Sambasivan,

Can you Validate if any instance of excel is already running. You can kill Process- excel from Task Manager and then retry.

  1. Put a Kill Process - Excel before the Excel Application scope.

  2. Try by a different Excel File - Create a sample excel and Try to read it.



Thanks Mukesh. I did a quick repair in my excel and it worked .

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