Excel Application Scope: Could not open the specified workbook

Hi everyone,

I’m facing to an issue.
Indeed, I should to extract data of a specific sheet into specific Excel files.
There are 4 Excel file templates and each of them are present in my subfolders. So I loop into these subfolders to select these Excel files to read the dynamic sheet that contain “-robot”.
That’s worked, except when the robot go to the next subfolder to read the other Excel Files and I have this error message:
Excel Application Scope: Could not open the specified workbook. Make sure there is no other workbook with the same name already opened. If the workbook is password protected, please enter the correct password.
I can’t to change the workbook name. So do you have any idea to help me please.
Below, my workflow:
Serveur_Filtre.xaml (30.8 KB)


Before going to another excel file, kindly close the current working excel file.Serveur_Filtre.xaml (31.3 KB)

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Thanks @vamsiyeluri it’s worked :slight_smile:

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