"Method Not Found.." Error In The Studio HTTP Request Wizard Owing To Version Compatibility Issues

Unexpected error thrown while making an API call using the HTTP Request Wizard in Studio, while the same seems to work fine within the automation?

Sometimes, an unexpected error is thrown that looks like the below while trying to make an API call leveraging the HTTP Request Wizard,

This would be irrespective of the type of API call made, which essentially means that it is not due to the API parameters. It has also been observed that the same call while invoked within the automation, works flawlessly.

Root Cause: Version incompatibility between UiPath Studio and the "UiPath.WebAPI.Activities" package.


For example, this error is being encountered with version 2021.10.5 of Studio and version 1.11.1 of the "UiPath.WebAPI.Activities" package which required Studio 22.4 or higher.

On lower versions, some functionality may be missing, or unexpected behaviors may occur.

In order to resolve this issue,

  • Launch the "Manage Packages" window in Studio and make sure that the version of the activity package being leveraged fits the Studio requirements as depicted in the reference image above.