Faced with an HTTP Request Wizard Error

Using the HTTP Request Wizard for an API call but receiving the below error.

Method not found:
‘system.threading.Task.Task 1<restSharp.IrestResponse>

Does anyone know what the issue is here and what is needed to allow the API to execute. I worked through various WebAPI.Activites but still facing this issue.

Kind Regards


Can you please tell what you are trying to achieve


Posting to an API end Point @Anil_G


:slight_smile: may be let me rephrase…can you explain what is the end point and what kind of data

Because we are seeinng a aync method being called


Hi @Alistair_Moffat

The error message you are encountering indicates that there is a problem with the version compatibility between the RestSharp library and the HTTP Request Wizard activity in UiPath.Check if the RestSharp package is installed in your project. If it is not installed, you can add it by going to the “Manage Packages” section in UiPath Studio and searching for “RestSharp” in the Official or All packages tab. Install the RestSharp package and make sure it is the latest version available.


@Nitya1 Yeah that was my 1st assumption so I have made sure its installed and can see RestSharp under the UiPath.Web.API.Activities.

It seems that the issue is from the URL itself. It seems is not a string.
Check first if the the method operation is working in Postman, then retry the configuration in the HTTP Request activity.
Double-check that.