Method 'GetOrchestratorUrl' not found in interface 'UiPath.Service.Api.IClientOperations'


I am trying to follow the orchestrator training and replicate the steps mentioned in the training. I was able to figure out the Orchestrator side of things after trial and error. However, when opening the robot settings on the desktop, I get this error:

“Method ‘GetOrchestratorUrl’ not found in interface ‘UiPath.Service.Api.IClientOperations’.”

The robot is not able to connect to the orchestrator. If I enter the machine code and continue anyway, I get an error saying Too Many Parameters.

Am I doing something wrong or is my installation corrupted? FYI, I was able to complete the foundation training successfully using my existing studio installation.



Restart machine once and try to connect to orchestrator again.

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Thanks @HareeshMR. Restarting fixed that error. However, now when I follow the steps, the Robots Settings page errors saying “Invalid Machine Key”.

Any idea what could be causing it? I have provisioned the machine and added a robot to it in orchestrator.

Found a different thread where the solution to my other problem was mentioned. The tutorials don’t have the correct URL.


May be the tutorials are for the old versions. They will update it soon

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