Method 'ConnectToServerOld' not found in interface 'UiPath.Service.Api.IClientOperations'

Hello folks,
Unable to connect robot with orchestrator also try same thing after restarting the machine
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Method ‘ConnectToServerOld’ not found in interface ‘UiPath.Service.Api.IClientOperations’.



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You provided wrong Orchestrator URL. It should be like below. Please check below thread to know more about this.[AccountName]/[ServiceName]

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I tried the same but getting the same error

orch url:UiPath Orchestrator


Are you connecting Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio with cloud Orchestrator ?

No community edition


Do you still the issue ?

yes im facing the issue


I was working on a tutorial for my collegues at work, so that they can easly connect to Orchestrator ! Check below file :point_down:

Up and running with UiPath.pdf (2.1 MB)

Let me know if you succed… :slight_smile:

still facing same issue


Unistall all UiPath related softwares… And follow my tutorial, it should work for you…

After upgrading the uipath ,connection is done

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