Message: Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed


I have the following problem:

The error message appears every time I run the program.

Best Regards!Error

Hi Folk,
to use activities from App Integration-> Excel you need to have Excel installed on your machine and activities should be inside “Excel App Scope” (like you have done). if you don’t have excel then use Workbook activities and those don’t require Excel app scope.

Hi, @hk803592 ,

I already have experience in Studio. I am configuring a new PC and during the tests this error appeared. I use office 365 and other PCs and everything works normally. In this case, I’ve uninstalled everything and installed again, but it did not solve. Summing up. I have Excel on the machine, I use version 2019.4.2.


actually 365 has alots of issues. so not sure what can the issue.
1 thing i can suggest is to allow your office to do automation.

steps are follows (no side effect)

  1. Open the Excel DCOM Properties
  2. Go to the Identity tab
  3. Select This User
  4. Enter the credentials of someone who has access to Excel

How Do I to open the excel DCOM Properties?

  • Launch the dcomcnfg command from Windows > Start > Run or from a command-prompt : go to Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config , then locate the various “ Microsoft XYZ Document ” and/or “ Microsoft XYZ Application ” entries, where XYZ are Word, Excel and/or Access – depending on what you need to access programmatically from your ASP.NET web application: you’ll need to perform the following tasks for each one of them.

Right-click the entry and select Properties :

  • Go to the Identity tab, where you’ll see three radio buttons: The Interactive User , The Launching User and This User . Select This User , then put the credentials of the account who installed MS Office – or an administrative account.
  • Go to the Security tab, where you’ll find three group boxes: for the first two of them – Launch and Activation Permissions and Access Authorization – select the Customize radio button, then add the same identity that is your system admin.