Message Box is not auto closing

I am facing a weird issue: from time to time, the message boxes that I set up to auto close after 1 or 2 seconds remain open (but only their UI element).

My process looks something like this: Loop[Step1, Step2, Message box with auto close, Step3, Message box with auto close, Step4]. The robot works fine and performs all the steps in the right order but sometimes these boxes remain open. I can either close them one by one or close the robot and they will all disappear


HI @AlexGabriel97

Can you tell us the version of Uipath.System.activities?

Can you try to upgrade the Uipath.System.activities to 22.10.3 version?


Hello @Gokul001
Everything is up to date so this is not the issue.
Regarding the second screenshot - yes, that’s how I set up my auto close values/durations.

The fact is that those message boxes are closed and the process runs without any issue but their UI element/image/box remains open and I don’t know why.

Edit: the machine was restarted many times

HI @AlexGabriel97

This look like wired, Can try to restart the machine and check it if possible?



There is a similar post regarding this issue as the following. It might be a bug in specific environment…