MessageBox is turned off automatically

Hello guys
Need some help for new person in RPA. I have a message box pop-up after certain condition and it has two buttons Yes/No. What I want to do is if lets say in 10 sec of message box appearing no buttons were pressed and message box is turned off. Is it possible?

@Linas_Dulke Check below link.

this one is great, but its missing option of Yes/No :frowning:

@Linas_Dulke can you post a screenshot of the messagebox please and which browser would this message box be in (IE,Edge,FF,Chrome)?

it is not a browser. It is simple UiPath activity messagebox, it has a question and the answer is yes or no. What I want to do more is that if no buttons were pressed in lets say 10 seconds, answer is no and robot is working further on and not waitting for user

Then check this topic, might give you some insight

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Looks promising, thanks, will check it :slight_smile: