Is there any way to close the message box

I am unable to close a message box with hotkey or enter or esc key. Please advise.


You can’t close the Message Box activity with hot key and all. You need to click Ok and then only next activities will execute.

Instead of that use ToolTip activity to display pop up message box and specify Timer how much time you want to display it.


@Aaditya The Robot stays at the same activity until the message box is cleared. So if you have used the hotkey after the message box activity , it won’t work.

By the way, you are not supposed to use message box for unattended processes. Use Log message if you are using orchestrator. or writeline if you testing in Studio.

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Use parallel activity to click ok in message box.

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@Aaditya Is it a Message Box from UiPath or from Other Applications Like a PopUp :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch it is from uipath

@Aaditya Then I don’t think it’s possible to Automate it, until a User Clicks on OK or Cancels it :sweat_smile:

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@supermanPunch @Sugumar8785 Thank you!

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