The message box bug - AutomaticallyCloseAfter not working on UiPath.System.Activities 22.4.5

There are a couple of issues with the message box on UiPath.System.Activities 22.4.5.
It’s working fine if downgrade the package to 22.4.4.

Issue 1. AutomaticallyCloseAfter no longer works on this release. It doesn’t close automatically.
Issue 2. The message box appears later than the sequence expected to come after.


HI @sclee812

Have you tried with Upgrading the UiPath.System.Activities package 22.10.1


It is working for me in 22.10.1 version @sclee812

So can you update the package and try?


Yes, in fact, I encountered the issue after upgrading to 2022.10 releases. Done some backtracking experiment with the packages and found that it all started from 22.4.5 version.

Just tried and 22.10.1 is no good for me. The popup stays there.

It works as expected. Make sure you input the value in TimeSpan -

For 1 second it should be 00:00:01

If you look at my original post at the top, it is already sets to 2 seconds in the picture.
One correction though, it worked until UiPath.System.Activities 22.4.5, and started failing from the subsequent release.

Hi @sclee812

Would you mind re-testing with the latest System 22.10.3 on a new project? I gave it a go and it closed the message box after 3 seconds as below:

For the record, this was on Studio 2022.10.3.