Retry Mechanism in RE-Framework Queue

Hi ,

I saw a couple of post on internet but this is quite confusing for me dealing with retry mechanism ,

Suppose I have max retry number in config is 1 and max retry in queue is 2 then how this will go in my queue item , will it create 2 new item in my queue after setting status as retried when application exception occurs ??

And what if we interchange the value in config-max retry and queue-max retry Number.

I guess, retry added in queue will retry your failed transaction
if you add retry in config through re framework, during init stage, it will retry any failure in application lauch or activities in init. until it has retried upto the count provided in config, status will not mark as failed

and retry in queue will add new line in queue with status as new… whereas in re framework after retrying if failed it will mark as failed.

If you keep retry 0 for both it will never retry and if you chnage the value it will retry with adding the queue only in business rule

I am aware of the auto retry working in Queue but what if we provide max retry in config as 1 && same time queue max retry as 2 , which one will be actually taken by RE-Framework , that is my question here.

since io_Retry is incrementing from both in_config and Transaction.RetryNo
But here what is the use of Config Max Retry when retry property is directly coming from Transactionitem.RetryNo of Queue.