MaxRetryNumber in Re framework

Can “MaxRetryNumber” in config file of the framework overrides the “Max # of retries” in the Orchestrator queue properties i.e if I set Max # of retries =1 & MaxRetryNumber =3 How many times the queueItem will be retried?

Hi @Esraa

I checked in the Framework and IF I got it right, then it is either the queue retry OR the config retry.

In your scenario, it would mean that the 1 retry for queue items will take priority and the config value will not be taken into account. I am sure it is mentioned somewhere in the ReFramework documentation, so feel free to dig in there.

You can also dig in deeper into the Framework itself and check the xaml file “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” and the part ‘Handle System Errors’:

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Thanks @loginerror for your comment,

The thing I understood from the “Handle System Error” workflow is that the “MaxRetryNumber” in config file will affect the queueitem retry in one case; when the value in config > 0 and < queue item retry number in orchestrator.

In other words the value in the config file is powerful only if it doesn’t work with queue items