Queue Orchestrator Retry correct cell

Hello guys, I need a help here.

I`m take a Excel with 3 columns filled with information (Name,CEP,State), and I will enter in WebSite and take the informations to put in columns (Document,Date)… so I’ll put these two items in Queue and complete my excel (column D and E ), but now comming the my problem, if my item in queue have a problem(FAIL)…

Example Image: In my excel the queue give a problem in “Armando” then he go to next item and put the informations to name “Thiago”, so my itens in queue finish but with fail get queue in (D2) he give a retry and complete information, but he put in my column empty (D5), ever put the information in the last cell of my excel.

The question: How I can give retry in queue and put infomation in correct cell? (I need put my item queue in “Armando”)


Fail in Cell (D3) and not (D2) guys! sorry…