Markcancel error in Gsuite scope with "Run script" activity

Hey everyone,

I have a problem with an error that is thrown everytime I try to activate a Google Script via the robot.
It looks like this:
“Only [activities] which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled. Check ActivityInstance.HasCancelBeenRequested before calling this method”

I saw a forum question about this error where a retry scope was the solution. Anyways, for me the retry scope does not work.
Before throwing the error the Google Script gets activated but the robot won’t wait to get the return of the script function because of the error. So besides the fact that the retry scope is not helping regarding the error, it is also not my intetion to call the script multiple times.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Did you solve the problem?
Same thing is happening to me from time to time…


Hi guys,

would also be interesting for me. Seems it depends on the time the script needs to run through.
What could be a possible solution?