Google Sheets Error


I’m running an automation that is using G Suite activities and from time to time I get the following error message in Orchestrator when running a job:

Append Row: Only activities which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled. Check ActivityInstance.HasCancelBeenRequested before calling this method.

I don’t always get this error, just from time to time. Sometimes it is thrown on the read range googhle sheets activity as well. Anybody know what this error means?

Thank you.


Were you able to manage this problem?


@bogdanjianu - Have you figured out a way to resolve the issue? Even I am facing the same issue. Any suggestion will help a lot

Same issue here. For me this is a bug.


Usually this error means that an http request timed out. The activity sends a request to the google api server and the server takes too long to reply (I think the client times out after roughly 2 minutes), you get this error.

This usually indicates some kind of network issue. Unless you’re seeing this happening very frequently, wrapping your gsuite activities in a retry activity should help mitigate this issue.


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