Error in Gsuite process, pls help me!

Hello everyone, I have a lot of processes using gsuite scope, but today any process that has something from GSUITE that I try to use gives me the error:

“Only activities which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled. Check ActivityInstance.HasCancelBeenRequested before calling this method.”

I have try to put all gsuite process in a Retry Scope, but no have effect, anyone can help me with this?

Hi @Pedro_Reis_Prado

Do you have a cancellation scope activity in your code?

Hi @AndresTarazona
No, it doesn’t, even this error started today, yesterday everything was working normally, but I didn’t change anything in the process from yesterday to today.

Hello @Pedro_Reis_Prado, :smiley:

:point_right: This topic can help you:


Bruna Bruno.

Hello @brunabruno
I already seen this topic, but this solution don’t work to me =/, after do all things in topic the problem keep’s apears.

Hi again @Pedro_Reis_Prado

If you could give me additional information in the activities you are using and it’s order of execution it will be helpful.



You probably have some other activities errors than GSuite activities.
Check your workflow thoroughly.
Restart everything and try again.