Google Suite - Only Activities Which Have Been Requested To Cancel Can Call MarkCanceled

Error fix for "Only activities which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled" thrown when using "Read Range" activity under Google-->GSuite-->Sheets.

Screenshot of the error :

Root Cause: This issue happens if the row count of spreadsheet is huge. There is no specific number which can be proposed as the process of fetching data depends on multiple factors.

  1. Split the spreadsheet into multiple pieces and fetch the data.
  2. Try with the maximum row count and keep reducing the number until safe row count is identified.

Example - If the spreadsheet has 16k rows.
Try fetching the first 10k rows. If the issue still persists, reduce the number to 9k and try running the workflow again. Continue this process until a safe number is identified, say 7.5k rows.