Map values of two excel columns

Hi Guys,

I have the follwoing two columns in an excel sheet:


I need to map 1-3 → Registration
4,5 → ExhibitForm
I created two array lists for each column. And tried for each for both lists but could map!

Eg of the lists :::
I have two array lists Eg : pdfpageNumber_arrayList = {“1-2,3” ,“5-4,7-9,1”}
topicName_arrayList = {“English” , “Sankrit”}
Now I have to split and rename the new PDF with pages “1,2,3” as “English” and the “5-4,7-9,1” as “Sanskrit”.
How can I do this?
Please help!

Assuming your arrayLists are always the same size (which they should be) you can simply loop through one of them and then use the Extract PDF Page Range activity.



Main.xaml (6.9 KB)

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I tried something similar and it worked! Thanks :slight_smile:

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