Export PDF Data to excel

I have attached a sample PDF that I am working with. Im trying to export the information to a excel sheet. I need split the information up in 2 columns. any ideas on how to accomplish this?
PDF Example.pdf (62.0 KB)


First you have to install UiPath.PDF.Activities Packages

then read your pdf with read pdf text activity and store the output variable like Str

Drag and drop the matches activity and choose dropdown as Advanced and paste the regex **[A-Z]{2}\d{9}**in value tab for first column

use another matches activity for column 2 and paste the regex as ((?<=\s)\w+(?=\s0)) in value tab

create a output variable for matches activity like RegEx_Out1 and RegEx_Out2
enter input string as read pdf text activity output variable

Build a datatable for output excel and create two columns using build data table activity
and create a output variable as Out_DT

and convert both the matches activity variable into array ExRegEx_Array1=RegEx_Out1.ToArray

find the count of the array variable

using Count1<RegEx_Array1.Count

use while loop to iterate each row and set condition as i =Count1 where i is Int variable

Drag and drop the add data row activity inside the while loop
and pass array row value as {RegEx_Array1(i),RegEx_Array2(i)}and datatable as Out_DT


use write range activity outside of the while activity to print write the output and pass Out_DT variable

Hope it solves your issue

Update whether you got your desired solution or not


Thanks For the response, not sure how to convert to array. I

Could you provide a workflow?

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Please find the attached overall project
I developed a project as per your requirement and I also share output file with you
Pdf.zip (31.9 KB)
Output.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hope it solves your issue

Update us whether you got your desired solution or not

if you got your desired solution can you mark it as solution

This will put me on the right track, Thank you !

your welcome

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