How to loop through columns in an excel row

Hey Guys,

I am new to UI Path and would like to know how to achieve the following requirement.

  1. Loop through all the columns in a an excel row.
    I have to loop through all the columns in a row and read page count and split PDF
    My data is like the following:
    Ticket no A B C
    1234 1-4 5-6 8-19


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For looping through excel columns

Use Read Range activity->output vairable datatable

You can use For Each activity and write as Datatable.Columns
Inside Foreach you can place message box / write line, so that you can get the output as the column name

and what do you mean by page count and split PDF ?

give me details on that


Table1.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Thank u for the reply. As you can see in the attached Excel sheet, I will have a PDF document for each ticket number mentioned in the Excel Sheet. I will have to loop through all the rows and read page count from each column and split the PDF.
But i am not able to read the page ranges from the excel(as they are columns and not rows).

I followed as per your instructions but i can read is the first row.




Are the columns are fixed?

Then use For Each row activity and give the split range as below
row(“Doc_Type_2”).ToString etc.,

You can call the range directly

Hope this may help you


Yes the columns are fixed.

I am able to split as per the page range in columns. But I have to use Extract PDF Page Range activity for each column. Is there a way i could use one and loop all the values?


Check is your columns have the duplicate or it’s by mistake?

because the column name Doc_Type_3 is duplicating

Also you can keep a For Each activity inside the For Each row activity, as below

and in range write as row(item.ToString)

Hope this may help you



That was by mistake. Columns are unique here. I tried the following logic:

  1. Put all the page ranges in a list and tried to loop through them.
    PageCountList =New List(of string) from {pageRange1, pageRange2,pageRange3,pageRange4}

But the issue i face here is… when any column has null value, the values are getting mixed up…
How could I check if column name is “XXX”, and the value of that column is not empty, then split PDF and name the PDF as “TicketNumber_XXX.pdf”.
Please help!


You can use if condition for that

item.toString <> " " and Item.ToString = “XXX”

Hope this may help you


Thank you for your help! I tried this way and it helped! :slight_smile:


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