Extract PDF tabular data

Hello there.
I have problem to solve here.I want to read different pdf one by one and extract data that has a tabular format. Then, place the extracted data in a excel document sheet with the same tabular format as it appears in the PDF.
Hope someone can help me on this. Thank you

hi @vini93 uou can use the extract PDF page range activity…

i’ll refer and intimate you back , if any other possibilities are present to do that…
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@vini93 Can you try pdfToExcel Activity and Check if you are able to convert Tabular Data to Excel ?

hi @vini93 am back :grin:
i refer so many things and am back to told that to you… Think so it will be help you…
tables will be having different idx, increment the same and loop until it exists and extract to the data table…
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Hi @shalinisettu,
Thank you. I will give it a try and get back to you.

haha :+1: am waiting… cheer bab’s… :wink:

Hi @shalinisettu
how do I write condition to identify the idx?
For now I have done read PDF activity.
How do I identify the selector?

Thank you.

@vini93 https://forum.uipath.com/t/extract-table-data-from-multiple-pages-of-pdf/1122/12?u=shalinisettu
:point_up_2: go through it…

I have 3 tables in a documents and this 3 tables are in 3 cells when I write into my excel document.

sry, i didn’t understand wat u r telling… can you plz explain in detail slightly…