Managing Multiple popup at same time

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I am automating a web application. after performing certain steps I need to click on submit button. while clicking on submit button, 5-6 popups may occur but at a time only 1 will be shown.

As a solution I have used parallel activity/pick branch activity but if its 6th popup it is taking too much of time(checking all popups through element exists activity)

can anyone help me with this ?


you can change the Timeout for Element Exists
The Default value is 30000 milliseconds

Try something like this:

Click sublimt
Do While with 2 element exists
Element exists #1 - check if ANY popup exists
Element exists #2 - check if sublimt verifikation exists

Timeout on your element exists should be low - 5000 max imo.

this should be your structure:

add “On Element Appear” for each popup. Adjust the proper timeout, set continue on error and make sure Repeat forever property is False (if popup only comes once, otherwise True)

Hey Eric,

I tried it but still its taking too much time for last popup.

@nameless this is something I have to try. will update you once I complete it.

Thanks @JDK , I ll try this.