Handle multiple popups

I have a scenario where after clicking Submit button on desktop application , any ONE or MORE popups can appear (There are total of 5 known popups out of which one or more can appear)
So I need to check and handle each popup that would appear.

The decision of when there will be no more popups appearing is when application lands to a different screen (there is a specific selector that can be checked if its exists for this condition)

Please help what activities should i use to make this work in a very time efficient ways, as there are huge number of transactions to process.

So Do one thing, Try to use App exist which page is stable indicate that once you see if pop came bot suld click the ok or close use retry or do wile loop for this inside use click

I hope you understand

try this as well

To efficiently handle multiple popups in a desktop application after clicking the Submit button, you can use UiPath with various activities. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  1. Use a ‘Click’ Activity for the Submit Button: Start with a ‘Click’ activity to interact with the Submit button.
  2. Use a ‘Parallel’ Activity to Handle Popups: Since you have multiple popups that can appear simultaneously or one after the other, you can use a ‘Parallel’ activity to check for each of them simultaneously. Within the ‘Parallel’ activity, create multiple branches (one for each type of popup).
  3. ‘Element Exists’ Activities for Each Popup Type: In each branch of the ‘Parallel’ activity, use ‘Element Exists’ activities to check for the presence of a specific element that uniquely identifies a particular popup. Use multiple ‘Element Exists’ activities to check for each type of popup.
  4. ‘If’ Activities to Handle Each Popup: After ‘Element Exists’ activities, use ‘If’ activities to determine whether a specific popup is present. If a popup is detected, proceed to handle it. You can use ‘Click’ activities, ‘Type Into’ activities, or any other relevant actions to interact with the popup elements.
  5. Continue to Check for Popups: After handling each popup, continue the process by returning to the ‘Parallel’ activity or another loop structure that checks for additional popups.
  6. Check for Landing Screen: As you’ve mentioned, use another ‘Element Exists’ activity to check for the presence of a specific selector that indicates the application has landed on a different screen.
  7. Exit Loop: When the landing screen is detected (or when no more popups are present), you can exit the loop or process.
  8. Error Handling: Implement error handling to deal with unexpected scenarios, such as timeouts or unknown popups.

By using this approach, you can efficiently handle multiple popups while checking for a landing screen to know when to exit the loop. This process will run in parallel and efficiently handle different types of popups that may appear during your transactions.

Get a selector for each popup. See if you can design a selector that matches all the popups, rather than a separate selector for each. Assuming you can…

Create a boolean variable pageFound, Assign it false. Then in a Do While you use a Check App State to look for the popup. After it, another Check App State that looks for the page to have loaded. In the second Check App State you set pageFound to true if the page is loaded. The Do While should have a condition of “pageFound=False”

For the first Check App State give it a timeout that is reasonable to wait for the popup to appear. For the second Check App State you can make the timeout very short, like 2 seconds, because it has already waited for the popup.

Your #2 says popups appearing simultaneously.
This is not the case, popup will appear one by one. However, there can be any popup anytime and no particular order.
Can I still use parallel activity?
The condition property of parallel activity ould be true or false?