Handling multiple popup while downloading

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How can i deal with a popup which comes while bot is waiting to file gets downloaded…Bot is waiting for the file to get downloaded from website,So that time after 4 to 5 min a website gives me a warning popup that do you wish to continue to this website and i have to click to continue to stay on that website…Note that this popup will not come everytime,If the file size is larger and if it takes 10 to 13 min to download. then the popup will come 2 times and sometime the popup will come only for one time if the file file size is smaller…And some time no popup will come.

Any solution for this problem?

Have you tried with the element exists activity
take if activity
element exists is true
then click on continue
else will be empty

Is there some indication that the download is complete? If so, you use a Do While that checks for that complete indicator not existing, and within that you can also check for the popup and handle it.

@Usha_Jyothi i tried what u have said…But dealing with that popup is compulsory otherwise it will log me out of website and all the next activity will get error.

Try using check app state activity


@postwick there is no indication for the dowloads get completed…once the download get started it gets downloaded in google chorome downloads.

@B_H_Akshatha_Pai can you just elaborate me more about this with the logic?

use element exists for popup
if element exists then click on the popup to continue

It Checks the state of an application or web browser by verifying if an element appears in or disappears from the user interface, and can execute one set of activities if the element is found and a different set of activities if the element is not found.


@Usha_Jyothi but that popup will come sometime 2 times and sometime 3 times like that sometime no popup will come it depends how much time the file takes to download…If it will not click continue then the bot will get failed.

  1. Use Retry Scope:
    UiPath provides the “Retry Scope” activity that allows you to specify a number of retries for a sequence of activities. This is useful when dealing with situations where an expected action might fail due to unpredictable factors.

  2. Detect and Handle Popups:
    Inside the “Retry Scope,” include the sequence of activities that initiates the file download and might encounter the popups. After triggering the download, add activities to detect and handle the popups.

  3. Decision Point and Retry:

    • After handling a popup, create a decision point to determine if the desired action was successful or if a popup was encountered.
    • If the action succeeded, exit the “Retry Scope.”
    • If a popup appeared, include an activity to dismiss or handle the popup and continue with the download.
  4. Retries and Timeout:

    • Configure the “Retry Scope” to attempt the sequence of activities multiple times.
    • To avoid infinite retries, set a maximum retry count.
    • You can also specify a retry timeout (maximum time for each retry attempt) to prevent waiting too long for each attempt.

Continue Button" action fails due to a popup, it will catch the exception, handle the popup, and retry the entire sequence if needed.

Remember to adjust the selectors, actions, and conditions according to your specific scenario.

By using this approach, your UiPath automation can adapt to varying numbers of popups and continue executing while ensuring that the bot doesn’t fail even if popups appear during the download process.

Please try this

@B_H_Akshatha_Pai in target appears i will keep the click button to continue and what about target disappear? Will it deal with popup whenever it will appear while downloading?
Like for example-2 times or 3 times it will come will it deal with that?

So in a Do While, check if the popup exists, check if the download exists, wait 10 seconds, repeat until the download is there.

@postwick i didnt get exactly what to do using do while?

  • Do While
    ** Check for download (File Exists)
    ** Check for popup (Check App State, inside it click the button in the popup, use a 10 second timeout to mimic a delay in your Do While)
    – Do While condition: (NOT fileExists)

Once the file exists, the popup is checked for one last time, then the Do While exits and your automation continues.

@postwick should i take a delay activity or delay is added in check app state timeout?

If the popup isn’t found, the timeout acts as a delay. If it is found, it processes immediately. This is ideal.

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