Moving packages between Orchestrators

I’m not sure if this is a tricky one or a really simple one.

I have two Orchestrator’s, test and production. I have machine “A” with a robot and a studio connected to the Test Orchestrator, and machine “B” with only a robot connected to the production Orchestrator. Each machine (A & B) have a different AD user. Once I’m done testing my process, I promote the package to the production environment (I download the .nupkg from the test Orchestrator and upload it to the Production Orchestrator, directly from Orchestrator’s website in the packages section, and set it as the current version for the robot in Machine B).

Now the problem, when I run the process I receive the following error:

Info: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}Variable({}Browser)’.

When I installed a studio and published the same process but directly from machine B, everything worked fine. I don’t want a studio connected to the production Orchestrator.

I hope someone can help me. Thank you everyone.


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You should copy the required activities also to the production server. Otherwise it won’t work.
Actually, the bot will first check for the activities in local machine, then orchestrator. All the required activities must present in any of these locations.

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By Activities you mean the .nupkg? And by production server do you mean where I have robot B installed or where I have the Orchestrator hosted?

Thank you.

You should share what version of Studio and Orchestrator that you are on, because the way packages are managed could be different or broken.

On versions on or after 2018, Orchestrator will look for the activities found in the feeds that a listed in the UiPath.settings file located at C:\ProgramData\UiPath on each machine.

So, even if the activities have not been loaded into your Studio on each machine, it should still look in those feeds (ie Official or Community). If you use activities in your process that are not in those feeds, then you will have problems.

If your dependencies are messed up, then sometimes you need to delete the project.json and have it regenerated. I have fixed a few issues doing this.

If you have Enterprise version, then you could try out Technical Support for more direct help:

EDIT: One more thing, is that I have seen in the past where the user on a machine is corrupted for activity packages, and in order to repair, I needed to copy the activity packages from a working user over to the broken user. The packages would be in the AppData folder for the user. - but I don’t know if that will help since it is a more technical solution.

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Yes, the .nupkg files.
Production server means orchestrator or bot machine
Better you use orchestrator machine, so that any bot machine connected to it can access those activities.

We are trying to figure out how to promote from QA to PROD as well.

Where do you find the .nupkg from the Orchestrator Machine? I see an activities folder but no packages for the bots I published from studio.

Hello @bryan.davidson,

What we do is download the .nupkg from the QA Orchestrators web application from the packages tab, and then uploaded to the PROD Orchestrators Web Application manually ti the packages tab as well.
Hope this helps you out.



Thanks Aaron – but what is the directory path to those packages?

In C:\UiPathOrchestrator there is a UIPathActivities folder, but that does not contain the bots we created.