Sharing bots with other users

I have a Studio license to UiPath and have created several bots that I would now like to share with my coworkers. The coworkers currently only have a Robot license to run the bots. We have run into an issue where when I send them my automations, the coworkers are able to open them but are incomplete and ask to install packages that I have used. The other users however do not have this ability because they only have the Robot version of the software.

Any thoughts on the best way to handle this situation? Would we need to purchase an Orchestrator license to fix the issue of the bots keeping downloaded packages? Or, do my coworkers need Studio licensing?

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You can move your packages to robot’s uipath folder which is %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages .

I highly recommend purchase orchestrator.

Hi @rbran ,
Yes that’s will common occurence, when deal with others

What you have to do is , as @ercanebiler mention the packages store path , just copy that folder and send to them and ask them to store those into same folder that your robot running location

That’s it…
So every time when you create new thing you have to send those packages also