Manage Access - Users can run option disabled


Some of my UiPath Apps don’t have the option for Users to only run the application while others have both options to co-edit and run. These UiPath Apps are in the same environment and use no queues, given proper rights. This problem has started after the new update where we have to publish and deploy the new UiPath Apps in the orchestrator. Please check screenshots for reference:

@Sarmad_Nadeem ,

Please check if you have latest app then you can give permission to the apps from IT automation on folder label.

I think you are able to see old option on old apps.



Thank you for the response. Please tell me where I can find IT Automation in the orchestrator. I can’t seem to find it.

Hello @Sarmad_Nadeem ,

U can see apps here into automations. All the user should have read permission who is assigned on this folder.


All the business users have appropriate permissions. Even the administrators can’t be given access to run only. Everyone can co-edit and run.