UiPath Apps access to processes in a large organization


I recently created a UiPath App that interfaces with an unattended process I made and launched on orchestrator. The app is relatively simple just requiring the user to input a number and then clicking the submit button. I was trying to find another way to trigger unattended processes besides using email.

I am able to give users access to my app however it seems to be more complicated to give them access to the process. Is there any way to give users in the organization run-only access to all processes or a select process without letting them in to orchestrator? Or is it possible for ‘If user has access to the app, then give access to run the process’? Or are there any other solutions to this issue, thank you.

Hi @ryan.kloskowski

Take a look here in App Runtime - Unattended Automation

Also you can segregate the permission by Folder, create a new one only for this specifc process and adding the users with required permissions. This way the permission doesn’t affect the other processes

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Either a separate folder and give access to user


Give the crwate job access to user in the same folder where process is already present


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Create an attended automation that they can access through assistant that starts the unattended process

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