How to Assign role(Only Run) to the user for UiPath Apps?

I did the steps :
1.Added the user as automation user role. But he can able to edit. How to restrict the permission to run only to the particular user? I am attaching the screenshot for your reference,

Hi @Kathirvel_Saminatha

The following doc might help you with the creation & management of roles for this requirement:

Best Regards.

Hi @arjunshenoy ,
Thanks for your reply. I did the same thing as mentioned in the doc. With the option Co-author (can edit and run), the user could edit the application right? but I need the option that only the user can run. Is that possible?

Yes , it is possible.


@Kathirvel_Saminatha ,

Its new change Apps by Folder. So anyone who is part of automation user or administrator and if you assign automation user group into Folder then they will have run permission.

However you can create custom read permission as well on folder level.

you can go on orchestrator folder → Setting → Manage access

If you need edit or Coauthor permission then you need to go on app and add role and assign edit/coauthor permission.


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