How to make uiPath program run bit fast


I am automating some program where i fetch data from mongoDb and then fill that data on some form on ui.

It takes approx 10 minutes to complete the task for 1 entry.
Is there any way to make uiPath run bit faster?

Also when i fill data on ui then sometimes internet connectivity gets slow due to which form takes some time to load.
In that scenario as well uiPath throws error, that the target element is not found.
I have tried using delay activity but it makes program runs slow.
Is there any way to handle this kind of exception?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Riya_Bansal for UI you can use simulate in your activity for faster the entry.


I tried using the same but it throws a warning message.
please find Screenshot below.


Have you run the bot? it’s a warning not error.

yes, it is warning
yes, tried executing it but sometimes its behavior is uncertain.

Also try with another activity set text instead of type inot activity.

Hello @Riya_Bansal

You can use the latest feature in UiPath studio, profile execution to check the time consumption of each activity. Based on that you can understand the module which is taking more time. Also if you are using type into or click activity, better to use Simulate or send windows messages if the application supports that input method.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan @Tapan_Behera1
Is there any way to handle second scenario?

Hi @Riya_Bansal

Check out this video link



Can you give insights into the second behaviour?


@Riya_Bansal For your second behavior,use element exists to check on one ui element presence before enter the data in the page else you can throw the error.

i cannot find element exists in modern experience
i am using 2022.10.3 version
i cannot switch to classic interface one as i am using many modern experience activities in my flow.

@Riya_Bansal use check app state activity

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Hey @Riya_Bansal , Have you check this video it will be help you to reduce the time in your process

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Hi @Riya_Bansal

You can try using verification option in click and type into activities where after performing the activity a verification will happen depending on the ui element you provide and will retry if not sucessful. This can be used in combination with timeout property. so that bot verifies and inputs the data properly and also it speeds up a little when everything is smooth