Mail activity got failed

Hi All,

I’m getting below error while sending email through BOT.

can any one please help me how to solve this issue.

I have used Send SMTP Mail Message activity. it was worked fine earlier, now getting the below error.

i have a valid certificate in Robot machine.

@Nagaraj_Palle The below post might help you. Kindly check it

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Hi Vrushali,

I do not find any solution related my error in mentioned link.

does any one have any suggestions or solution for this error.

Thank You.

@Nagaraj_Palle Kindly check for the SSL certificate on a mail exchange server.
And also try to execute the workflow by doing turned off the antivirus.

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Hi All,

We identified the issue with ssl certificate which was expired on Mail server.
issue was resolved after replacing ssl certificate with new certificate.

We have another solution also for this issue, please select SecureConnection = None in the properties of Send SMTP Mail Message activity. but, using this option we are bypassing ssl encryption. am not sure this is recommended for production environment or not.

Nagaraju Palle

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Thanks Vrushali_Gave for your response.

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