Ssl/tls error in smtp mail while using re framework


I am using smtp mail activity in init state of re framework in catch block.
logic is like if error in try activity in http request then need to send mail so i have put smtp activity in catch .
when i am not using re framework just normal workflow smtp works fine but in re frame work it is not working and giving below error.

kindly help me to resolve same.
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Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Check this link for reference

Read excel file and write to text file send to mail


which link can u send me the link

Check this


Hello @Mathkar_kunal

What is the version of the Uipath.Mail.Activities package?
Try to implement the same with the package version = 1.9.5

ok i will check this

i am using 1.10.5

Try 1.9.5