Video Unavailable


This video at Foundation Level Course 1 and lesson 2- Variables and DataTypes seems unavailable, so now i am not able to proceed further as next link in locked.

Kindly check and help.

Hello Shivali1990,

I am able to access video without any issue. Could you please clear cache and delete browsing history?

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I am not able to play any videos this evening.

Both sites show a network error in the video player “hlsjs-lite: Network error”

Hi, could you fix that problem? Cause I have exactly the same problem now and I am not able to proceed. I also checked if changing the browser may help but the result was every time the same. “hlsjs-lite network error”

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I am facing the same issue as well now. Hope it’s a temporary issue as I need to finish the training asap.

Same here.
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