Lookup DataTable

In the Lookup Datatable can we take multiple columns as input ?

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

“Lookup Data Table,” you can only specify a single column as the input for the lookup. The activity allows you to search for a value in a specified column of a DataTable and retrieve a corresponding value from another column in the same row.

If you need to perform a lookup based on multiple columns, you can concatenate the values of the desired columns into a single string and then use that concatenated string as the input for the lookup. This approach assumes that the concatenated value uniquely identifies each row in the DataTable.


No. But you can use Filter Datatable and designate multiple columns. The output datatable will contain the row(s) with the matching values.

Lookup Data Table uses a single row
You can use a For Each Row in Data Table
If activity:
row(YourColumn1).ToString.Equals(“Whatever”) AND row(YourColumn2).ToString.Equals(“Whatever”)
If True:
index = dt.Rows.IndexOf(row)



If you need the row number where it is matching or so you can use find/replace activity instead then it will look irrespective of the column


Excuse me, sir
How can i get multiple rows with lookup data table (or other methods), then insert into different fixed columns