Lookup multiple values or multiple columns and get the result from the third column

Hi All,

i have two excel tables that i want to use for lookup, i want to lookup values from column A&B from the first table and get the value of column C from the second table .

im not sure if i can lookup multiple values in the LookupDataTable activity. However, if u guys have a better idea let me know.
thank u folks


Give a try on Join DataTable Activity

A demo here:
LeftJoin_3Cols_ResultWithMatch-1Col.xaml (12.7 KB)

As an alternate option we can do it with a LINQ Statement

  • Join Approach
  • Where / Any Approach

For some demo implementations have a look here:
FindMatches_1Col_fetchValues.xaml (10.1 KB)

we can easy extend to check it with 2 columns

Instead to use Look Up
You can try Red Range and For Each Row
then You can get value from A&B and from C and put your condition in If activity inside For Each Row

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