Lookup DataTable for multple columns

Hi , I want to use lookup datatable activity as
I need to fetch the result value on the basis of lookup in two columns.

Any lead would be helpful.

Hi @hsheoran,

This will help you in using Lookup Datatable activity.

But in this case, you need 2 lookup datatable activities.

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Thanks @samir .I am already familiar with lookup datatable activity. Just wanted to know if there is any activity for lookup for more than column. Thank you for the support.


Hi @hsheoran, I’ve had similar experince/use case with what you are trying to do. I have a need to lookup my data table but need to match two column values and then output the value of a third column. Though I have not found an activity to achieve this, I have found a way that works and just wanted to share.

What I did is filter my datatable using the first column I would like to match and then output it to a temporary datatable. Next I lookup this temporary datatable using the second column I would like to match and then output the value of the third column. Might not be so elegant but at least I get the result I need. I hope this can help you too…