Lookup two data tables


I have a data table DT1 with column Account and Cust Name, another data table DT2 with Account_No, Name.

I want to lookup the Account_No of DT2 with Account of DT1 and populate the respective cust name in the column “Name” in DT2

Please let me know how to achieve this

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Have a view on this activity and it has also got some example on how to use it

Let us know if you are facing any issues in that

Cheers @aishwarya1

Hi @aishwarya1,

You can follow this link. There are detailed explanations and examples.


Hello @aishwarya1

If you directly want to work in excel itself, you can use VLookup activity and if you want to work with the datatable you can use Lookup Datatable activity. Please refer the below docs.