LookupData table Activity Issue

Hi Experts,

I am using Lookup datatable activity .I have an excel sheet which has 2 columns. I need to pass any one of the value from column ‘0’ and get the corresponding value from columns ‘1’.So I started with Excel Application Scope → ReadRange Activity → LookupDatat Table Activity → MessageBox (to Print the output of LookUp Datatable activity).In LookUp data table activity I am configuring, Datatable variable comng from ReadRange Activity , LookupValue some String Variable to pass input,in Lookupcolumn → ColumnIndex as ‘0’ and Output → CellValue → some String variable to capture the output and in Target Column–> ColimnIndex as ‘1’.With this set up I am getting null value in the output of Lookupdata table.Please help me here.

Thanks In Advance,

the steps look perfect
i hope the string variable been passed is not there in the column0
we need to check that once
Cheers @lilly