Facing issue while extracting data from data table

hello guys

I want to extract the “Actual Balance Amount” under same “Ban” using the “Max bill Month” value.
i have already saved the Max “Bill Month” as String “LastMonth”.

only one value needed to be extracted.

Please check the image provided. will get better understanding.

Thanking you all in advance.


You are storing all that data into a data table i guess,
Then you can do using for each row…

  1. Use for each row activity and loop through all the rows.
  2. Inside that, use if condition as row(“Bill Month”).tostring = “LastMonth” (LastMonth is your variable)
  3. Then, you can get the value using row(“Actual Balance Amt”).

ok thanx @HareeshMR

Let me try.

Hi @AryanSingh
You can use Lookup DataTable activity here,

you have max bill month stored in “LastMonth” variable.
So parameters of lookup datatable should be,
Input :-

  1. Datatable —> datatable variable
  2. Lookup Value —> LastMonth variable

Lookup Column :-

  1. ColumnName —> “Bill Month”

Output :-

  1. CellValue —> create system.double variable here(to store Actual balance amt)

Target Column :-

  1. ColumnName —> “Actual Balance Amt”

So that’s how you’ll get actual balance amt value in cellValue (parameter) variable by using Lookup DataTable activity. :slight_smile:

ok. here are the excel and xaml file if want to check the details.

Main(Autosaved).xaml (31.8 KB) project.json (694 Bytes)

Consolidated_Finance_Report_Example.xlsx (78.8 KB)


Facing this issue after using lookup table activity

change that cellValue variable type into system.double and try. @AryanSingh




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