Looking for tutorial/documentation for minimal UIPATH setup

Hello Experts,

I have done some hands on a the community version on a local setup. Am currently looking for a documentation which would help me setup an enterprise license setup having one orchestrator - on AWS setup along with 2 unattended bots associated and am planning to have 4 developer profiles which will push/deploy the codes to the orchestrator.
Can anyone please suggest a relevant blog/tutorial or documentation containing detailed steps in sequence ?


I’m assuming you want to deploy the Orchestrator on your own AWS machine instead of using the Cloud Orchestrator?

You can read everything about the Orchestrator deployment here: About Installation

Here’s the documentation for Orchestrator on AWS: UiPath Orchestrator on the AWS Cloud

For the unattended bots you can read the documentation here: Installing the Robot

There’s also a part about AWS deployment. Or you simply get yourself 2 Windows VMs with the following specs: Hardware and Software Requirements

But the easiest way is to simply use the Cloud Orchestrator.

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Hi TOBi,
First of all thank you so much for sharing those inputs.
So based on your inputs are you suggesting to procure a enterprise account on automation cloud as a better option from maintainability point of view?

Yes definitely.

You don’t have to maintain anything except for your licences and your processes when using the automation cloud. It makes everything just work.

I can understand when companies want to have every on-prem for security and/or privacy reasons (or not trusting “the cloud”) but when you’re using AWS yourself you have only the downsides of on-prem (installation/updating effort) but none of the upsides.

thank you Tobi. that makes sense. Pardon me for too many queries.
we intend to setup an internal workspace dedicate for exploring bot capabilities within our automation cloud.
So based on above need, should we continue with automation cloud with a community edition trial or do we specifically need an enterprise account? bit unclear on the license need if I consider 6 developers in consideration and 2 bots(unattended) -should we go ahead with multiuser runtime license in this case and how will the tenant be shared with all 6 developers for deploying it centrally to orchestrator?

If you want to use the bots in a production environment you HAVE to use an enterprise account.
But you can use the automation cloud for enterprise trial to test things:


For everything else you should get in contact with UiPath directly.