Several questions about Robots

Since the documentation doesn’t really answer these questions for me … personally that is as I’m still learning … asking them here. For context, I’m using the public Orchestrator with 2019.2. I have currently a single studio with a Development license and a Robot setup on that same machine.

So my questions:

  1. Does UiPath have the means for a Robot (or related Robot service) to wait in for Orchestrator to reach out to it and that Robot “thing” physically performs a login session bringing up a desktop with that login’s Robot service automatically started … such that execution moves forward ? And then when complete the login session is terminated … and things go back to a waiting state ?

  2. Or, compared to question #1, the expectation is that the login used for running the robot service is always logged in with the Robot service connected to whatever Orchestrator it is using ?

  3. (With my license usage defined above) Is there a way to have the Robot service automagically startup with the login session such that it is already running and connected to its Orchestrator ?

  4. Somewhat of a follow on to #3, does the license type tied to a Robot change its nature so that the automation of Robot setup/connection to Orchestrator is automagic without needing manual intervention ?

  5. Does UiPath have a means of minimizing ALL active Windows before starting a robot execution ? Or maybe even killing all applications with open windows ?

In short:
1-4 - an Unattended robot would fulfill those needs.
The machine needs to be running for service to run and communicate with Orchestrator, but no user needs to be logged in as the service can run under system account.

5 - indirectly yes. Since normal flow for Unattended robot would be login - do whatever - logout, all applications running under that user session will be closed.
If the job fails though, it will not log out, so do care about that.

Thank you for the reply. Very helpful.