Login to the Orchestrator for Enterprise Version

Hi, can anybody tell me how can I login to the Orchestrator for Enterprise Edition?
Just now I have installed and login with the username and password. But the same I want to access from somewhere how can I access this.
can I use the same URL https://platform.uipath.com/account/login ?
But this is showing me to signup to the cloud service first?

I have been using this but for my personal purpose. But for the enterprise, I want to know. Can we direct get the login page or first we need to create an account on the cloud and then can access the orchestrator page. Please advise. @Palaniyappan @loginerror

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Did you install the orchestrator on a server behind your router? If so, follow below. If not, please explain your setup

open firewall port 80 + 443 in your router to your server where Orchestrator is installed

example. Point a (sub)domain to your home router (wan ip address). Open your router port 443 and forward it to the Orchestrator IIS(internal ip).

For SSL you can use a letsencrypt certificate / activation (then you also have to open port 80 to Orchestrator to be able to create the SSL certificate.

then the url would be (example): https://uipath.domain.com/

default login after installation:
username: admin
password: 890iop

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Hi, did you try this. How to create it ?
I have opened the site and get this page.

can you please guide ?

Note - I have installed the Orchestrator and activated it and I have logged in. So my question is how can I access this from my machine or other machine. Do you have the URL where we get the login page of Orchestrator ?

hi @balkishan, i will see if i can make a guide for you this weekend from installation of orchestrator and the creation of an letsencrypt ssl.

Question to you: Do you have a domain naame which you can point to your router/server? it is needed to bind that domain to your server and for the letsencrypt SSL setup.

Did you do this in the meantime?

Point a (sub)domain to your home router (wan ip address). Open your router port 443 and forward it to the Orchestrator IIS(internal ip). ?

If you want it to be accessable from outside your network:
You decide yourself which url it will be. If you bind a domain name to it, that will be your login url
for example: i will create a subdomain: uipath.jvanmarion.com and point it with an A record to my WAN ipadress of my router. From my router i will forward port 80+443 to my orchestrator server.

On your orchestrator server you bind the IIS site to uipath.jvanmarion.com on port 443
so then my login url would be: https://uipath.jvanmarion.com/

To create a letsencrypt SSL you have to do the request from your orchestrator server, which you can do with this: https://github.com/PKISharp/win-acme

the request will be verrified. If it is completed you can add the certificate on the IIS to the orchestrator site.
IF you need a complete guide (with screenshots) let me know, but that will take a bit longer
Otherwise please explain what you are trying to do.

@balkishan Did you get it to work, or do you need more info?

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Hi @balkishan
If you using enterprise edition means hope your company

So you have to have a valid ssl certificate
Check with your network admin whether you have wildcard
And also you can create sub domain via your certificate
And publish your orchestrator url with help of your network admin