Can't see the orchestrator page clearly

Hi, I have installed and login to the Orchestrator and activated the license.

  1. But why the page is not visible clearly.
  2. Now I have installed this Orchestrator on my test server. And get the URL from the IIS.
    Now I want to log in the Orchestrator from my machine, please provide me the URL. so that I can access this orchestrator from my machine.

@Pablito @Palaniyappan

I didn’t get this buddy
Is this your orchestrator
Or may I know which page is coming once you login
If possible a screenshot
Cheers @balkishan

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Yes, I have installed the Orchestrator bro.
Now I login to my Orchestrator and activate the license.
But why this web page of Orchestrator is not clear visible which I attached in the above comment.

One more, I just got the URL from ISS, just simply go to the IIS service manager, and clicked on the Orchestrator and click to this link.
But don’t know what is the exact URL to login to the Orchestrator. Now I have opened this on the test server. But If I want to access this how can I login, can you please give the URL where I can login to the Orchestrator. Or I can use the same which UiPath provide us…which is like demo.uipath…like that.

If you see the URL in the previous comment screenshot. It’s kind of UiPath-UAT… ? but what is this exactly I don’t know.


Now I have logged in with this url in test server. but when I have to access from machine or some other. I will not this url right?
So what url I need to use to access the orchestrator.

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here we could be able to see the serverurl

Cheers @balkishan

It seems like there is some css files missing or not properly bundled.