Orchestrator URL Access

Hi, I have little query,
If we installed the Orchestrator on the company premises. so if we access orchestrator URL from anywhere so it’s accessing internally or over the internet. ??? @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @balupad14


Orchestrator is a web application we can access them from even a browser even outside the server

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My question is, Is the orchestrator URL accessing from the internal company network or Over the Web-internet.


It’s depends on your company policies and how you configured it.

Some people will configure like they want to access within their network only and some people are other way.

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Fine if it’s a ON PREMISE we can access only from that server
Just give a try from your browser with that url we won’t be able to open
Only if it’s a cloud we will be able to

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I am asking this que, for SSL certificate. Like If we access the Orchestrator URL over the Web Internet then we need a certificate from 3rd party like GoDaddy and etc. If access through the internal network or VPN connected then they can give internal certificate authority server.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman

  1. Orchestrator URL would be accessed over internet or only from our internal network ?

So what should I recommend them, purchase from 3rd party or create your locally ??

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@lakshman @Palaniyappan can you please reply on the above comments??


It’s better to install locally only and also it will be more secure. No one access it from outside.

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install locally means?? you mean orchestrator???

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Yes… you can install the orchestrator in a local server within your network. They have a on premise version of the orchestrator which you can use for this…

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Its depend on your requirements
By default orchestrator running your server as loclhost

While installing orchestrator you can give any url and can be configured via server IIS

But it will be accessible only within your company network , if you using any solution like VPN / private tunnel to your network yes you can connect form out side from your office (but its internal , not over the internet)

If you need to access your orchestrator url over the internet you have to do some works

1.you have to have SSL certificate
2. Use your ssl certificate (if you have wildcard you can make your url as sub domain of your company domain)
3.config ssl certificate to your orchestrator url on server IIS
4.now you are ready to publish
5.get help of your network administrator on your company and host your orchestrator url to public

Now you are done then you can access your orchestrator over the internet anywhere anytime

Also you can use orchestrator mobile app now :cowboy_hat_face: :muscle:

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If we are accessing over the internet so do we need to connect with a company VPN or directly without using the VPN we can access the Orchestrator URL ??

If you host your url to public , you can directly access over the internet

But if you didn’t host as public mean its internal, you can only access by internal network like vpn or internally(on your office pc )

To host a public URL do we need a Valid SSL certifiacte??

Technically it’s no need , you can host your url as untrusted

But I strongly not recommend to doing that.
You must have to have ssl certificate
And hope your company IT Policies will not agreed to host it as untrusted this kind of system


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