Installation Troubles - Unable to reach Orchestrator URL

Why is this tool so difficult to use. it is not encouraging at all. I first had several issues installing the tool before i got a .msi that helped to point out the error with the initial download file. Now i have concluded installation but i cannot seem to get the URL to login to the orchestrator. i have tried your suggestion above still no joy. Kindly help

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@peace_philips08 which Orchestorator your’re trying for Enterprise or Community Cloud Version?

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did you create the subdomain at your domain provider? if you need a bit more help, just send me a PM. Tell about the steps you did.

  • where did you install it? on a public domain (server) or on a local network?
  • do you have a domainname?
  • did you create a subdomain.domainname and point it to you WAN ip?
  • did you open router port 443 to the uipath installation?

Hi @peace_philips08,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles in setting up UiPath Orchestrator. As @jvanmarion has indicated, the community or Support team would need more information about your setup and the steps you have taken in order to best guide you.

Where you have installed Orchestrator will matter as you most likely have at least one software firewall (Windows) to configure and potentially one or more network firewalls and if it was installed in a cloud environment you’ll have some Access Control Lists to configure inbound routing as well.

But it could also be as simple as a configuration for example after Orchestrator is installed it will have configured IIS by default to list to the hostname of the computer e.g. https://myhost:443/ if you want to use any other hostname such as a custom URL using an A record you might need to bind that to your site and IP/Interface if pointed directly at the host before you can reach it by your customer URL.

We’re here to help, we just need more information to do so, otherwise, we are just making guesses at what your troubles might be.

You might have been over these already, but in case not a few helpful references to review.

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