How can I login to Orchestrator?

hi all,

after I install the UIPath on my environment, I didn’t find a way to login into Orchestrator.
so can you help me, how can I login to Orchestrator? what is the URL? whats the credential I need?

all these question on Orchestrator, because the studio is open successfully

thanks and regards.

Hi Mahmoud,

Have you also installed Orchestrator on your machine?

If not, you can login to Orchestrator Community Edition: Create a tenant and you’re good to go.


Hello Mahmoud,
I also face same issue. I was able to get to the url…
But i do not have the information required… i know there is a default admin login. But i dont know the password.


I am not able to see the create tenant option . Using the same URL as you said.

It has been changed, Go to Platform.uipath, Click to service and then Go to service on the right side of Page